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Hamza Halloubi

Hamza Halloubi

Santiago Sierra


Artists quotes

“Creativity starts when someone goes into the dark and finds something meaningful. It has no name or face, it’s a mystery.” Bill Viola

“We used to be fascinated by a kind of introspection, a search for fear and the sublime. But sometimes fear can be a prison too. Getting in there isn’t always good for the soul.”James Casebere

“You can never be too sure of yourself. But when I’m painting in my studio I put myself on the same level as the best painters in history. Otherwise you can never make a decent piece of work.” Michaël Borremans

“I push myself to the edge of what I can handle both physically and emotionally. From that moment on the idea of a performance becomes visible.” Nezaket Ekici

“I’m ever so small in the art world. But I’m not bothered either.” Gerard Herman

“We want to know each other better, that’s why the portrait was invented. A portrait brings you closer to someone. It’s an unusually intimate form.” Ronald Ophuis